Retainer Services

Presenting briefings and participating in seminars and conferences.

We deliver regular analysis, data, briefings, and consulting to our retainer clients on global and regional energy markets and on energy geopolitics. In our retainer relationships we strengthen our clients' knowledge and understanding of the key elements of global and regional energy markets.

Our retainer services are designed to benefit:

• International investors
• Investment banks and financial institutions
• International and national companies
• Government organizations International think-tanks

We have flagship regional knowledge and expertise in:
• North American unconventional resources (tight oil and shale gas)
• Middle East and North African (MENA) oil and gas
• Iran’s energy industry, politics, economy, and energy trade and investment regulations
• Saudi Arabia’s energy and production policy, upstream and downstream sectors, politics, and economy
• Iraqi’s oil and gas industry and investment regulations
• Mexico’s energy industry, with specialized expertise in Mexico’s recent energy reform